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Understanding the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program

Small business owners are among Virginia’s hardest working citizens. In many cases, they’re also the hardest hit by the economic fallout of COVID-19. Executive Order 53 closed all non-essential retailers to the public, and Executive Order 55 limits Virginians’ ability to leave their residences. These orders restrict many small businesses’ capacity to generate income. Further, […]

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Virginia Unemployment Insurance Benefits in Response to COVID-19

Over half a million Virginians filed for unemployment benefits over the past six weeks. As a result, many Virginia families now rely on these benefits to live. In response to recent federal legislation, the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) increased and expanded access to unemployment benefits in the Commonwealth. As a result, many beneficiaries qualify for […]

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What is the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)?

The U.S. Department of Labor is taking action to ensure eligible workers can care for themselves and family members during the Coronavirus pandemic. Under the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), effective through December 31, 2020, many employers must expand paid sick and personal leave for COVID-19-related reasons. For example, eligible employees could be entitled […]

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Three of our attorneys were named to Super Lawyers Rising Star List, Washington DC 2020 Edition.

McClanahan Powers is pleased to announce three of our attorneys, Dirk McClanahan, Robert Powers, and Zach Miller  have been named to the 2020 Washington DC Super Lawyers and Rising Stars List. Founder Dirk McClanahan has been recognized to Super Lawyers and Rising Stars List five consecutive years, 2016-2020. Robert Powers, founder as well, has been […]

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Business Brokers in Virginia

Last year Virginia regained its title of most business-friendly state in the nation. With an A+ workforce and business education ranking, the Commonwealth is rich in business opportunities. Such opportunities often draw business-to-business operations into Virginia. Many such businesses assist Virginia companies in navigating everything from formation to acquisition. Business brokers are akin to real […]

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Responding to DPOR Complaints in Virginia

The fellow Virginia professionals at McClanahan Powers, PLLC understand the time, effort, and finances necessary to obtain and maintain a professional license in the Commonwealth. Many young professionals still bear the debt incurred to achieve a professional license, and the livelihood of most professionally licensed Virginians is linked to valid licensure. Loss or suspension of […]

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Franchise Agreements in Virginia

What you Need to Know about Opening a Business in the Commonwealth While franchise agreements are ultimately a product of contract law, Virginia is only a handful of “franchise registration” states. Franchisors must register their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) with the Virginia State Corporation Commission’s (SCC) Securities & Retail Financing Division. In addition to registration, […]

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What is a Joint Venture?

At its most basic, a joint venture is a temporary strategic alliance between two or more persons or entities undertaken to obtain a mutual benefit. The parties to a joint venture maintain their distinct personal or business identities, and the partnership expires after the venture comes to its natural end. Accordingly, the IRS treats joint […]

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Cease and Desist Letter: What to Do if You Receive One

No business owner anticipates getting a threatening letter with their daily mail, but receiving a cease and desist letter is common for many Virginia businesses. It may look official, embossed with the logo of a major corporation’s law firm, but stop and desist letters aren’t legal documents. Cease and desist letters put the receiving party […]

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