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Copyright Registration and Copyright Claimant

Under Section 201 of the Copyright Act, copyright in work initially vests in the work’s author or authors. The author, however, is not always the party who claims ownership of the copyright when federal registration of the work is sought. Section 409 of the Copyright Act requires a copyright claimant to provide the claimant’s name and address […]

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Artists: Protect Your Personal Wealth through a Virginia LLC

Many artists, musicians, and bands build their name, brand, and network the same way any business would. However, when analyzed from a legal perspective, many of these same artists, musicians, and bands are working under an assumed or fictitious name and often operate as either a sole proprietor or, in the case of bands with […]

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Contracts Are Everywhere

Whether it is for drafting or reviewing an agreement, they wish to reduce it to writing. Whether enforcing and protecting their rights in a contract that already exists, our clients routinely ask us questions about contracts. In some cases, clients do not even realize that their questions relate to warranties. They affect so many different […]

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