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Trademarks: Protecting Against Counterfeit Sellers

A trademark includes any word, name, or symbol used to identify and distinguish one seller’s goods from the goods of other sellers of others. The symbols, phrases, and words make brands and products unique and allow consumers to identify high-quality products. The Lanham Act of the United States Code is a law that provides for […]

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What is a State-Based Trademark?

The right of individuals to benefit from their unique creative endeavors is older than the Constitution itself. Scholars suggest that the legal protections currently available to scientists and artists through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) date back to Ancient Greece. While the United States Constitution directs Congress to protect the exclusive federal […]

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Copyright and Trademark Differences in the United States

Too often, a journalist for a well-known publication will publish an article that confuses copyright protection with trademark protection or copyright infringement with trademark infringement. Unfortunately, this misnomer and incorrect application of law frequently confuses the general public and inaccurately communicates an otherwise newsworthy story. Copyright laws generally protect the work of an author in […]

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